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LED HiLight towers

This innovative, fully directional, LED
lens design means we maximize the light
coverage and reduce “lighting waste”.

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Metal Halide HiLight towers

The reliable metal halide solution with robust canopies, make them suitable for tough environments.

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Solar light towers

Zero emissions, zero fuel consumption, no noise.

There is a portable tower light for every need

The HiLight range of light towers were designed to offer the widest choice when it comes to finding the light tower that is right for your application. We provide a wide range of industries with a flexible and dynamic set of lighting options, while addressing all aspects of efficiency and safety. You can also be assured of the robust build quality and compact size for which Atlas Copco is globally recognized.

It might be tough, but it should never be dark!


See luminosity, efficiency, durability and toughness in a new light

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What's new about the V5+ tower light?


LED challenging MetalHalide technology

New Atlas Copco LED 4X350W challenging traditional Metal Halide 4x1000WED; HiLight B5+ face to face with HiLight H5.