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Specialist: Yoshiyuki Sakai

I am Yoshiyuki Sakai and currently working for the Industrial Air division, Atlas Copco Airpower in Belgium, in business development and customer center support.

Professional marketing support
My biggest and most enjoyable challenge is to be part of a product launch, to be able to bring new innovative products with a clear positioning concept and the right timing to our customer centers around the world.
I believe this is one of my biggest responsibilities – that our excellent products developed by our experienced engineers are launched with the support of professional marketing documents and tools to aid our sales companies around the world in local campaigns. 

Focus on sales and marketing
I have a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Komazawa University in Japan. Since I graduated I have mainly focused on the commercial track of sales and marketing, such as business development, branch management, sales dealer support and equipment marketing in a business-to-business environment.
I am always stimulated and motivated by interacting with my colleagues, who are very professional and experienced. Every day is a chance for me to learn. In addition to that, I consciously communicate with customers to be able to provide the best support as quickly as possible. Even when it does not go well, I still try to keep focused on finding a solution for the customer.

Keep growing within my field
I believe in myself, that I am continuously growing and adding to my experience as a specialist. Besides, I have a dream to be the kind of specialist who can attract and inspire people to get involved through professional competence ensured by practical experiences, such as my colleagues in the office. This environment definitely motivates me to excel in what I have been involved in.

Getting involved in more areas
I started my career at Atlas Copco in 2008 as sales dealer support in Atlas Copco K.K in Japan. A couple of years later I was transferred to equipment marketing in the Industrial Air division. Then I got the opportunity to participate in the global competence development program at Atlas Copco Airpower in Belgium.

The biggest difference here is the scope of work. In my previous position I was responsible for local market growth for selected products. This is obviously challenging with a responsibility for both volume and revenue growth.

My current scope of activities is much more extensive, not only being involved in all of our markets around the world but also product development and sales support for Quality Air products, which I believe have a tremendous growth potential.
The experiences I have gained in these two positions have definitely broadened my horizons, and given me a solid understanding of business consequences from top to bottom in a global business environment.
Maybe be a small contribution – but important
What I can do to contribute to our brand promise – Committed to sustainable productivity – is to keep triving to perform my best without compromises. It might be a small contribution, but I strongly believe this is the right path to follow and will be the only way I can personally contribute. I will do my best every day to achieve our brand promise.   
Equal opportunities to grow
As an employee, I believe equal and great opportunities to grow are given to us as long as we are ambitious, enthusiastic and proactive as professionals. This is what I think is the best thing about Atlas Copco as an employer.

We give our customers real value
I like working at Atlas Copco. We hold a solid position in the global industrial market. We are able to see one of the most advanced technology leading the industry and a well-organized sales force and after service network giving customers real value. You are most welcome to join Atlas Copco and see how our global business grows.

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