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For a better electric poker, get Smart


Our Smart pokers give you lots of reasons to go electric. The built-in frequency converter means you can just plug and go, with no fumes, less noise and greener power. They’re light and manoeuvrable, with reduced hand arm vibration, and our quality materials and components make for a long lifespan. In fact all you need to add is power.

Smart application
Start work straight away
Light and manoeuvrable, easy to use and of course equipped with the power needed for the toughest jobs. Just plug it in and get to work.
Thanks to the built-in frequency converter all you need to start working is a regular wall socket with the appropriate voltage. The electric motor-in-head design provides the poker head with outstanding performance, high power and stable speed. Rapid acceleration helps minimise air voids within the concrete and transport them to the surface. Overall costs are kept to a mini­mum thanks to quality components and the service-friendly design.


Smart-E pokers feature pistol grip handles that reduces hand/arm vibration.


Special poker hose length available on request.


10 meters of cable + 5 meters of hose give exceptional reach around the worksite. The overall design is also very service friendly.


The built-in converter is well protected against shock, overload and overheating. 


All electronics are built-in into the new, 30% lighter streamlined aluminium box with one push ON/OFF button.


High centrifugal force, stable speed and high amplitude contribute to good concrete vibration with fewer dips.

Any regular single-phase wall socket with the appropriate voltage will suffice as power source. Just plug in and start work straight away.

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